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FOCUS 2019:

Financing Nuclear Supply Chain

Starting from 2019, Nuclear Direct will host experts in focused subjects which are important for the participants of the Nuclear Direct Network. Experts from selected fields will receive free admission to the Nuclear Direct meetings as well as free presentation slots in the concurrently organized conferences.

This year's subject is: Financing Nuclear Supply Chain. Within FOCUS 2019 Programme we aim to bring together the executives of leading investors, creditors and financers together with some of the strongest manufacturers in the world that are looking to finance their investments in nuclear energy industry. 

March 5-6, 2019

Pullmann Convention Center,
Istanbul - Turkey 

Network with world-changing thinkers and innovators in the nuclear power generation community


FOCUS 2019 Program aims to bring together nuclear manufacturers and potential nuclear industry entrants together with high level executives from banks, investment funds and credit institutions that are seeking to provide finance to credible real industry projects.

Through FOCUS 2019 Program executives representing banks, investment funds and credit institutions are allowed free admission to the Nuclear Direct Istanbul Matchmaking Forum and International Nuclear Power Plants Summit (INPPS) conference.  

The purpose of FOCUS 2019 program is to bring investors together with creditors and financers who might be interested in financing joint-manufacturing facilities and partnerships that are built to integrate the supply chains of nuclear power plant projects in Turkey.  

Apart from financing institutions; reactor technology providers and nuclear power plant operators are also welcome to be a part of the FOCUS 2019 Program as guest organizations. 

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