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FOCUS 2019 Program Application Form

NUCLEARDIRECT & INPPS allow free admission for companies and institutions conforming pre-specified criteria. You can fill this form if you represent any of the following institutions:

  • Ministry

  • Government regulator

  • Reactor Technology Provider

  • Bank

  • Investment Fund

  • Credit Institution

You will receive a call from the organization team to approve the information you put on the form. After the approval you will receive a link and a code that will allow you to create your free profile in the NUCLEARDIRECT Matchmaking Tool. Free admission to the venue and other privileges will be active after your profile is activated in the system. 

Organization Type
Organization Name
Name and Surname
Job Title
Direct Phone Number

NET DIRECT holds the right to accept or decline entrance requests to the FOCUS 2019 Program. Free admission and other related incentives will only be available after validation of the above information by the NET DIRECT administration.

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